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Promoting British Values at Tudor

Tudor Primary School is committed to serving its community and recognises the multi-cultural, multi-faith and ever-changing nature of the United Kingdom.

The Department for Education expects schools to promote the five fundamental British Values of:

  • democracy,
  • the rule of law,
  • individual liberty,
  • mutual respect,
  • and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Tudor Primary School takes this responsibility very seriously and aims to prepare children for life in modern Britain. In our weekly assemblies we explore the five British Values linking them with our termly school themes (Learning Hero Skills) and ensure that the values are discussed and promoted as part of our everyday ethos and in many aspects of our curriculum and through the wider learning in our school community.

At Tudor we reinforce ‘British Values’ in the following ways:


We believe it is important that our children feel they are a part of the school community and that their opinions and ideas are valued. We create varied roles and responsibilities for the children to help us improve our school. Children take on roles in a variety of ways across the school: Peer Mediators, Year 6 School Ambassadors, Bike Crew, Reading Buddies and Learning Council members. Some roles are applied for which then require a selection through interview or an election.

Pupils have the opportunity to have their voices heard through monthly Family Circles Meetings. The seven Family Circles are made up of children across the school from years one to six. During the meetings they discuss issues and suggest ways to improve the life at our school. A few examples of contributions this year are:

  • contributing and giving opinions on key school developments such as new policies for behaviour and teaching and learning;
  • deciding which charities the school should support;
  • suggesting ways to travel safely to and from school for the School Travel Plan.

The Rule of Law 

The importance of having ‘laws’ is consistently reinforced during the school day through the promotion of our Hero’s High 5 and Super Learning Hero chart. The Hero High 5 rules and the Super Hero Learning chart are the focus of school assemblies, are on display in all classrooms and corridors and are reinforced by all staff members. The school rules and expectations are discussed and debated with the children in school assemblies, circle times, Family Circles’ Meetings and through relevant curriculum work. The children understand that following our Hero’s High 5 is essential for our school to be a safe, happy and productive learning and teaching environment for everyone.

Pupils are taught about the reasons behind the need for laws, which govern and protect us. We explore the responsibilities that that are needed and the consequences when laws are broken. In the playground and around the school the Peer mediators work alongside adults to support children and help to keep them safe and secure.

Individual Liberty

Within school, pupils are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment.  Pupils are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms and are advised how to exercise these safely and responsibly throughout many areas of the curriculum such as PSHE, Philosophy for Children and E-Safety.

Mutual Respect

Our core values of kindness and respect and our motto ‘Learning Together, Growing Together’ underpin our school philosophy. We are an inclusive school with a strong inclusive ethos. The children have responsibilities in the school through their work as Peer Mediators and School Ambassadors to ensure that all children feel welcome in our school and understand the values and ethos of the school.

We believe our school vision and values are essential in helping our children develop into well-rounded citizens ready to make a positive difference in society.

Promote Understanding of Different Faiths and Beliefs:

Our pupil’s share a growing understanding of their place in a culturally diverse society and they have opportunities to experience diversity. We are proud to be a school of many different heritages. 

Visitors, parents and pupil members of different faiths or religions are encouraged to share their knowledge to enhance learning within classes and the school. Our RE curriculum enables our children to learn about different faiths and to share their own.

Children visit different places of worship throughout each year and festivals are celebrated in lessons and assemblies.

We believe our school to be at the centre of our local community; our vision and values are embodied in celebrations and events such as International days, Black History Month, Global citizenship week, Culture weeks and Language days.